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Yoga For Sports

Yoga has many dimensions of Teachings and Practice,  amongst them,
Yoga for Sports is a widely practiced movement art that enhances Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Psychosomatic conditions. Below given are some of the Testimonials of International Athletes, Olympians, National & International Sports Federations expressing their gratitude towards the practice of Yoga & a Natual way to enhance sporting Performance.

NBA Players Finding Benefits in Yoga

Katich is leading the charge to popularize yoga among basketball players. He is on the payroll of the Los Angeles Clippers as a yoga coach, and also works with the UCLA men's basketball team and hundreds of other professional athletes. For his work in basketball, he's been dubbed "The Yoga Guru of the NBA."

With the exception of Abdul-Jabbar, yoga largely has been ignored in basketball due to its stereotype of being for women or the spiritual. Katich is changing that, and when asked how yoga can help basketball players, he doesn't hesitate.

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